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We source the highest quality in herbal tinctures for your use. Only tincture meeting our strict guidelines are listed on this website. All tincture is:

As all of our tincture is intended for professionals who understand and know the product, there is no labeling, except to clearly indicate what is in the bottle.

Additionally, we list no tincture here unless we are convinced that it was harvested ethically. We want to see the botanicals we use continue to be available to us for many years to come!

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Our shipping policy is simple. All tincture shipped, no matter how much tincture is sent costs a flat fee of $10, world wide. Some limitations may apply, if your area is not in our shopping cart, we can add you after checking that shipping charges are not outrageous.

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We would like to thank Botanicals Wildcrafted by providing us with such a rich variety of tincture and there warm support.